• How much does the application cost?
    The current version of GPS Track Editor is free of charge.
  • Are GPS receivers supported?
    We will include GPS support in GPS Track Editor on users' requests. If you are interested in such a feature, please write us.
  • What formats are supported?
    GPS Track Editor supports GPS tracks in the following formats:
    • GPX (GPS Exchange XML Format),
    • NMEA log (a COM-port dump),
    • Magellan SD.
    There are no standard file extensions for NMEA and Magellan SD so there is no need to select a proper extension filter in the File Open dialog. The file type is automatically detected in all the cases.
  • Can this soft be used as GPX file editor?
    The GPX format is native for GPS Track Editor (GTE): you can save track files only as GPX. Its structure is well-represented and can be edited in the Track list. However there are some limitations:
    1. GTE does not open files larger than 100 MB.
    2. Waypoints and some attributes from the original GPX file (like heart rate values) are ignored. They are omitted while saving.
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