GPS Track Editor Overview

GPS Track Editor is a Windows application for editing GPS tracks.

GPS track is an ordered sequence of points with latitude, longitude, date, time, and maybe some other parameters.

Unfortunately coordinates obtained from a receiver are not precise. GPS errors are affected by a number of reasons that cannot be eliminated. For example the receiver can show some movement while standing still.

GPS Track Editor can help you to clean up your tracks. Some deviations are processed automatically but you can always control the result and edit a part of the track manually.


  1. Open and save tracks (GPX, NMEA, Magellan SD
    are supported).
  2. Display the trajectory of your movement.
  3. Track point filter by parameter limitation.
  4. Adjust track structure, rename segments.
  5. Manually deleting, inserting, moving points,
    work with fragments of a track or a set of tracks.
  6. Merge or combine several tracks into one.

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Merge tracks
Joined tracks
Filter points
List of track points
Study in depth
Track structure
Analyze track
Track colored by speed
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