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August 11, 2015 GPS Track Editor v.1.15 beta (build 141)
1.Feature Now you can increase the point density for sparse tracks. Select Track | Increase Frequency. You can set the maximum acceptable time and/or distance between points.
2.Improvement Improved map rendering quality. Now it is less blurry (but still not perfect).
3.Improvement The Open File dialog is resizable now.
4.Feature Added more parameters to .csv output: time from the segment start, heart rate, cadence, and temperature.
5.Feature Now you can close all opened files at once using File | Close all. It prompts to save files if necessary.
6.Fixed It was not possible to set a fractional part of the speed value in the Adjust Time dialog.
7.Fixed The application crashed when the Legend window was invoked while the tracks are colored by segments.
8.Fixed There were no values in the Elapsed time column in the Points pane.
9.Fixed The heart rate and other parameters could be missed in some points when merging tracks.
10.Fixed Special characters were not escaped when saving GPX file.

December 30, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.14 beta (build 135)
1.Feature Supported .plt format (OziExplorer Track Point File Version 2.1).
2.Feature Now track segment colors are saved in .gpx file.
3.Improvement Now you can use F2 to rename track parts.
4.Improvement Now all parameters (temperature, cadence, heart rate, ...) are kept and averaged while merging files.
5.Change Now the Legend gradient is always visible.
6.Change Now temperature values are saved in the same format as they were in the original file.
7.Fixed Some parameters were missed when using "Save as".
8.Fixed The Legend window did not support Fahrenheit degrees for temperature.
9.Fixed Negative temperature values were processed incorrectly. Some values were truncated.

August 22, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.13 beta (build 130)
1.Feature Supported files in TCX (Garmin Training Center XML) format for reading.
2.Feature Supported touchpad gestures to zoom the map in and out.
3.Feature Supported non-standard GPX tags "course" and "speed" that can come from third party applications like Locus Map.
4.Feature The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. The mode can be set in the Options dialog.

August 07, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.12 beta (build 125)
1.Feature Added support of the heart rate, cadence, and temperature.
2.Feature Added new track coloring modes and gradients. Now it is possible to visualize heading, minimum speed, and heart rate on the map.

May 30, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.11 beta (build 121)
1.Feature Added a new palette "Color by steepness".
2.Fixed Filtered points were not excluded when exporting to .csv file.

April 29, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.10 beta (build 118)
1.Feature Added a new palette "Color by footspeed". It is designed specifically for hikers, runners, cyclists, yachtsmen, and others whose activities have a comparable speed range.
2.Improvement Improved rendering subsystem to reduce the CPU load. The previous version constantly consumed a lot of CPU power.
3.Improvement Minimized usage of multimedia timers to reduce power consumption.
4.Improvement Supported NMEA tracks saved on UNIX or OS X systems (with a different line ending).
5.Improvement Track inspection became faster.
6.Fixed The application crashed when the "Track | Reverse" function was applied to empty folders.
7.Fixed Sometimes the application crashed when a file was opened using Quick Launch while or after an action was performed to the track tree.
8.Fixed The Quick Launch dialog became inactive after pressing Enter.
9.Fixed The application crashed when track segments from different folders were merged using the "Remove break" in the Points list.
10.Fixed Time could not be restored using the "Track | Time | Reset" command if all of them were identical.
11.Fixed Fixed different issues with wrong or absent time of track points.

January 23, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.09 beta (build 113)
1.Feature Now a track can be reversed. Its direction is changed to the opposite one. The Reverse operation can be applied to segments, folders, or whole files.
2.Improvement The map is automatically switched on when you select a map source.
3.Change Toolbar customization is disabled.
4.Fixed Sometimes the number of filtered points was not updated in the Track Properties pane.
5.Fixed Fixed crashes and malfunctions that were caused by empty segments.
6.Fixed The last character in e-mail address was not saved in GPX file.

August 05, 2013 GPS Track Editor v.1.08 beta (build 106)
1.Feature More maps are available as a background (select View | Map Layer or use a drop-down list on the toolbar).
2.Feature Supported PTNL,GGK NMEA message used by Trimble GPS receivers.

May 10, 2013 GPS Track Editor v.1.07 beta (build 104)
1.Fixed The application crashed in a French version of Windows XP.
2.Fixed The "Leg length" was incorrect in the Points list.

April 24, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.07 beta (build 102)
1.FeatureNow you can export tracks in CSV (comma-separated values) format. Choose File | Export and select .csv file type.
2.FeatureNow you can shift all the timestamps in the track by a specific value. Choose Track | Time | Shift. New time is set for the first point. Other timestamps are shifted correspondingly to keep the speed and other parameters unchanged.
3.FeatureNow you can regenerate all timestamps of a track. Choose Track | Time | Reset. After that the speed along the track will be roughly the same. This can be useful if you want to protect your privacy.
4.FeatureNow you can add more columns in the Points list: From start, Elapsed time, GPS Speed, GPS Heading, HDOP, VDOP, and PDOP.
5.ImprovementYou can use Ctrl + B to break a segment and Ctrl + J to join two adjacent segments (that is to remove break in the current point).
6.ImprovementThe speed and course tags that were present in GPX schema version 1.0 are processed even in GPX v. 1.1 files.
7.ImprovementThere are several small improvements in displaying values in the Points list.
8.FixedAfter showing an empty track the Map view zoom became invalid.
9.FixedCrash when opening a track for which the first point has a wrong time.
10.FixedLarge DOP values were not correctly displayed.

March 27, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.06 beta (build 100)
1.FeatureIf some or all track points do not have timestamps, the application can generate them. If there is not enough information to do this, the user is asked to set a preferable value for the average speed and the exact date and time of the first track point.
2.FeatureAdded new color modes for speed representation. In new schemes the red color corresponds to slow motion. The green one denotes high speed.
3.ChangeUpdated non-standard attribute names when saving to GPX file. This helps to avoid conflicts when opening files, for instance, in Garmin Basecamp.
4.ChangeThe Quick Launch is closed immediately after a link to the recent file is clicked.
5.ChangeThe Points list does not display date and time if their values are not set in a GPX file. In the previous version year 1899 was displayed.
6.ImprovementThe track point status is more versatile now. Some bugs concerning the statuses were fixed.
7.FixedThe OpenStreetMap copyright was not rendered on the map.
8.FixedFixed incorrect point filtering when the timestamp order was wrong.
9.FixedIn some cases application updates did not work on Windows 8.
10.FixedInscriptions were corrupted in the Map view on Windows 7/8.

February 08, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.05 beta (build 97)
1.FeatureOpenStreetMap can be used as a background. To toggle the map press Ctrl + M, or choose View | Map menu item, or click the corresponding button on the toolbar.
2.ChangeThe Track Properties pane displays total values for all selected tracks (total distance, number of points and so on).
3.ImprovementIf a map tile is not available, a less detailed tile is displayed instead.
4.ImprovementThe markers of the current and selected track points were updated to be visible on the map.
5.ImprovementWhen zooming the map using the mouse wheel the point under the cursor keeps its position on the screen. In the previous version the stable point was in the center of the map window and the cursor position was ignored.
6.ImprovementNow the mouse wheel scrolls the list under the cursor. In the previous version it affected the focused window.
7.ImprovementThe map projection was improved (especially on world or country zoom levels).
8.ImprovementThe Quick Launch dialog design and behavior were improved. Added Getting Started section.
9.ImprovementYou can disable Quick Launch window on start-up. To display it again choose View | Quick Launch menu item.
10.FixedThe application hung if a warning message appeared while the application window was minimized.
11.FixedA track structure was not correctly saved in GPX file.
12.FixedThe map dragging worked wrong on small scales.
13.FixedFixed typos. Updated track colors.

November 28, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.04 beta (build 93)
1.FeatureThe track appearance was completely redesigned. New colors are well-chosen to make track segments clearly distinguishable on different backgrounds.
2.FeatureNow you can save a track or its part as a NMEA log. Select a track and choose File | Export Track. You can specify a combination of NMEA messages to use: GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, or GPZDA.
3.FeatureYou can try a completely new feature of GTE. Press Ctrl + M to switch on/off the OpenStreetMap as a background. Map tiles are downloaded from Internet (you need a stable connection). This feature is in development now and it is not quite stable.
4.ImprovementWhen several tracks or their parts are merged, the algorithm tries to comply with their structures.
5.ChangeThe available zoom levels are limited to the range between 0.02 and 24 000 mpp (they were 0.001 and 200 000 respectively).
6.ChangeUpdated file type filters in the Open dialog.
7.ChangeUpdated the About dialog.
8.ChangeThe speed and course (azimuth) are saved in the MGTE section of GPX file (if present in the source data).
9.ImprovementSmall UI improvements.
10.FixedFixed minor problems with the track inspection.

September 10, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.03 beta (build 88)
1.FeatureNow it is possible to inspect and select track segments directly from the map. Hold the cursor over an inactive track. The names of the corresponding track segment, folder, and file appear; the segment is highlighted. Then you can left-click to select the segment in the Tracks list.
2.ImprovementThe track name inline-editing was improved to avoid an unintended action.
3.FixedSometimes new segment was not selected and visible after track segments from different folders were joined.
4.FixedThe cursor became wrong if the map was scrolled or zoomed using the keyboard.

August 24, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.02 beta (build 86)
1.FeatureNow track segments can be split. Right-click on a track point (either in the Points list or on the map) and choose Restructuring | Add break. The break will be inserted between this point and the next one.
2.FeatureNow you can remove a break between two sequential segments. Right-click on one of the break ends and choose Restructuring | Remove break.
3.FeatureYou can also combine several sequential track segments into one in the Track list. Select the desired segments or folders, right-click for the context menu and choose Restructuring | Join.
4.FeatureNow it is possible to rename track folders and segments. Left-click on the name of the selected track to activate inline editing. You can also right-click and choose Rename from the context menu. Note that segment names are saved as a nonstandard GPX extension and they will be not used in other applications.
5.FeatureAdded new columns to the Tracks list. Now you can see time of start and finish, duration, distance and number of points of a track. Note that some columns are hidden by default. Right-click on the list header to activate or customize them.
6.FeatureNew Legend pane displays correspondence between track colors and selected track parameters (speed or elevation).
7.ImprovementImproved design of some controls depending on Windows theme.
8.ImprovementThe track distance and total number of track points are displayed in the Track Properties.
9.ImprovementThe Track Properties window is now resizable. Position mouse on its top side and drag the border up or down.
10.ImprovementThe expanded/collapsed state of property categories are kept between sessions.
11.Change"Altitude" was replaced by "Elevation".
12.FixedFixed possible problems with updater.
13.FixedAfter a track point was dragged the file was not marked as changed.
14.FixedA track file containing spaces in path was not opened if it was dropped on the application icon.
15.FixedSometimes a wrong disk was proposed when saving files.
16.FixedThe current point marker was corrupted on the screen if no tracks were visible.
17.FixedSometimes track name was not updated after change.

July 06, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.01 beta (build 81)
1.FeatureNow you can open track files by dragging and dropping them into the track list or into the map. You can also drop them on the application icon.
2.ChangeNow "invalid" points are called "filtered". "Rebuild track tree" is now called "Restructure track".
3.ChangeWhen the first track is opened, the map (Track View) is positioned to display it entirely.
4.FixedThe speed was not calculated for the last point in a segment.
5.FixedSometimes Local Inconsistencies Filter missed some wrong points with improbable speed or acceleration. The filter was also tuned to keep more details.
6.FixedFixed small UI inconsistencies.

June 06, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.01 beta (build 76)
1.FeatureAdded new function "Filter Local Inconsistencies". It removes track points that do not conform to their neighbors.
2.ChangeThe speed value of a track edge is assigned to its end point instead of the start one.
3.ChangePane titles were revised.
4.FixedSometimes invalid points were taken into account when locating a track on the map. Now they are ignored.
5.FixedSometimes filtered track edges disappeared from the map.
6.FixedAdjusted "Skip All" behavior when opening files.

May 05, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.00 beta (build 68)
1.ImprovementOptimized drawing speed for large GPS tracks.
2.FeatureNow it is possible to clear the invalid status for all points.

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