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August 11, 2015 GPS Track Editor v.1.15 beta (build 141)
1.Feature Now you can increase the point density for sparse tracks. Select Track | Increase Frequency. You can set the maximum acceptable time and/or distance between points.
2.Improvement Improved map rendering quality. Now it is less blurry (but still not perfect).
3.Improvement The Open File dialog is resizable now.
4.Feature Added more parameters to .csv output: time from the segment start, heart rate, cadence, and temperature.
5.Feature Now you can close all opened files at once using File | Close all. It prompts to save files if necessary.
6.Fixed It was not possible to set a fractional part of the speed value in the Adjust Time dialog.
7.Fixed The application crashed when the Legend window was invoked while the tracks are colored by segments.
8.Fixed There were no values in the Elapsed time column in the Points pane.
9.Fixed The heart rate and other parameters could be missed in some points when merging tracks.
10.Fixed Special characters were not escaped when saving GPX file.

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