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August 24, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.02 beta (build 86)
1.FeatureNow track segments can be split. Right-click on a track point (either in the Points list or on the map) and choose Restructuring | Add break. The break will be inserted between this point and the next one.
2.FeatureNow you can remove a break between two sequential segments. Right-click on one of the break ends and choose Restructuring | Remove break.
3.FeatureYou can also combine several sequential track segments into one in the Track list. Select the desired segments or folders, right-click for the context menu and choose Restructuring | Join.
4.FeatureNow it is possible to rename track folders and segments. Left-click on the name of the selected track to activate inline editing. You can also right-click and choose Rename from the context menu. Note that segment names are saved as a nonstandard GPX extension and they will be not used in other applications.
5.FeatureAdded new columns to the Tracks list. Now you can see time of start and finish, duration, distance and number of points of a track. Note that some columns are hidden by default. Right-click on the list header to activate or customize them.
6.FeatureNew Legend pane displays correspondence between track colors and selected track parameters (speed or elevation).
7.ImprovementImproved design of some controls depending on Windows theme.
8.ImprovementThe track distance and total number of track points are displayed in the Track Properties.
9.ImprovementThe Track Properties window is now resizable. Position mouse on its top side and drag the border up or down.
10.ImprovementThe expanded/collapsed state of property categories are kept between sessions.
11.Change"Altitude" was replaced by "Elevation".
12.FixedFixed possible problems with updater.
13.FixedAfter a track point was dragged the file was not marked as changed.
14.FixedA track file containing spaces in path was not opened if it was dropped on the application icon.
15.FixedSometimes a wrong disk was proposed when saving files.
16.FixedThe current point marker was corrupted on the screen if no tracks were visible.
17.FixedSometimes track name was not updated after change.

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