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April 29, 2014 GPS Track Editor v.1.10 beta (build 118)
1.Feature Added a new palette "Color by footspeed". It is designed specifically for hikers, runners, cyclists, yachtsmen, and others whose activities have a comparable speed range.
2.Improvement Improved rendering subsystem to reduce the CPU load. The previous version constantly consumed a lot of CPU power.
3.Improvement Minimized usage of multimedia timers to reduce power consumption.
4.Improvement Supported NMEA tracks saved on UNIX or OS X systems (with a different line ending).
5.Improvement Track inspection became faster.
6.Fixed The application crashed when the "Track | Reverse" function was applied to empty folders.
7.Fixed Sometimes the application crashed when a file was opened using Quick Launch while or after an action was performed to the track tree.
8.Fixed The Quick Launch dialog became inactive after pressing Enter.
9.Fixed The application crashed when track segments from different folders were merged using the "Remove break" in the Points list.
10.Fixed Time could not be restored using the "Track | Time | Reset" command if all of them were identical.
11.Fixed Fixed different issues with wrong or absent time of track points.

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