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November 28, 2012GPS Track Editor v.1.04 beta (build 93)
1.FeatureThe track appearance was completely redesigned. New colors are well-chosen to make track segments clearly distinguishable on different backgrounds.
2.FeatureNow you can save a track or its part as a NMEA log. Select a track and choose File | Export Track. You can specify a combination of NMEA messages to use: GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, or GPZDA.
3.FeatureYou can try a completely new feature of GTE. Press Ctrl + M to switch on/off the OpenStreetMap as a background. Map tiles are downloaded from Internet (you need a stable connection). This feature is in development now and it is not quite stable.
4.ImprovementWhen several tracks or their parts are merged, the algorithm tries to comply with their structures.
5.ChangeThe available zoom levels are limited to the range between 0.02 and 24 000 mpp (they were 0.001 and 200 000 respectively).
6.ChangeUpdated file type filters in the Open dialog.
7.ChangeUpdated the About dialog.
8.ChangeThe speed and course (azimuth) are saved in the MGTE section of GPX file (if present in the source data).
9.ImprovementSmall UI improvements.
10.FixedFixed minor problems with the track inspection.

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