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February 08, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.05 beta (build 97)
1.FeatureOpenStreetMap can be used as a background. To toggle the map press Ctrl + M, or choose View | Map menu item, or click the corresponding button on the toolbar.
2.ChangeThe Track Properties pane displays total values for all selected tracks (total distance, number of points and so on).
3.ImprovementIf a map tile is not available, a less detailed tile is displayed instead.
4.ImprovementThe markers of the current and selected track points were updated to be visible on the map.
5.ImprovementWhen zooming the map using the mouse wheel the point under the cursor keeps its position on the screen. In the previous version the stable point was in the center of the map window and the cursor position was ignored.
6.ImprovementNow the mouse wheel scrolls the list under the cursor. In the previous version it affected the focused window.
7.ImprovementThe map projection was improved (especially on world or country zoom levels).
8.ImprovementThe Quick Launch dialog design and behavior were improved. Added Getting Started section.
9.ImprovementYou can disable Quick Launch window on start-up. To display it again choose View | Quick Launch menu item.
10.FixedThe application hung if a warning message appeared while the application window was minimized.
11.FixedA track structure was not correctly saved in GPX file.
12.FixedThe map dragging worked wrong on small scales.
13.FixedFixed typos. Updated track colors.

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