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March 27, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.06 beta (build 100)
1.FeatureIf some or all track points do not have timestamps, the application can generate them. If there is not enough information to do this, the user is asked to set a preferable value for the average speed and the exact date and time of the first track point.
2.FeatureAdded new color modes for speed representation. In new schemes the red color corresponds to slow motion. The green one denotes high speed.
3.ChangeUpdated non-standard attribute names when saving to GPX file. This helps to avoid conflicts when opening files, for instance, in Garmin Basecamp.
4.ChangeThe Quick Launch is closed immediately after a link to the recent file is clicked.
5.ChangeThe Points list does not display date and time if their values are not set in a GPX file. In the previous version year 1899 was displayed.
6.ImprovementThe track point status is more versatile now. Some bugs concerning the statuses were fixed.
7.FixedThe OpenStreetMap copyright was not rendered on the map.
8.FixedFixed incorrect point filtering when the timestamp order was wrong.
9.FixedIn some cases application updates did not work on Windows 8.
10.FixedInscriptions were corrupted in the Map view on Windows 7/8.

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