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April 24, 2013GPS Track Editor v.1.07 beta (build 102)
1.FeatureNow you can export tracks in CSV (comma-separated values) format. Choose File | Export and select .csv file type.
2.FeatureNow you can shift all the timestamps in the track by a specific value. Choose Track | Time | Shift. New time is set for the first point. Other timestamps are shifted correspondingly to keep the speed and other parameters unchanged.
3.FeatureNow you can regenerate all timestamps of a track. Choose Track | Time | Reset. After that the speed along the track will be roughly the same. This can be useful if you want to protect your privacy.
4.FeatureNow you can add more columns in the Points list: From start, Elapsed time, GPS Speed, GPS Heading, HDOP, VDOP, and PDOP.
5.ImprovementYou can use Ctrl + B to break a segment and Ctrl + J to join two adjacent segments (that is to remove break in the current point).
6.ImprovementThe speed and course tags that were present in GPX schema version 1.0 are processed even in GPX v. 1.1 files.
7.ImprovementThere are several small improvements in displaying values in the Points list.
8.FixedAfter showing an empty track the Map view zoom became invalid.
9.FixedCrash when opening a track for which the first point has a wrong time.
10.FixedLarge DOP values were not correctly displayed.

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