GPS Track Editor Basics: Removing Track Defects

GPS technology is not precise. GPS tracks often contain leaps, noise, jitter, and other deviations. GPS Track Editor provides several methods of eliminating them.

Filter Local Inconsistencies

The algorithm of local filtration estimates the consistency between adjacent track points and removes the most discordant ones. It affects only locally and thus it cannot eliminate some types of defects. In other cases it is too strict and can erroneously remove some normal points. It is recommended to check the removed points after filtration paying attention
to U-turns. To restore a removed track point right-click on it and choose Restore.

To apply this filter to the selected tracks choose Filter | Local inconsistencies.

Filtered pedestrian GPS track

Filter by Value

The algorithm of value filtration removes track points if some value (speed or acceleration) exceeds some threshold. For example for pedestrian tracks the points with the speed value greater than 6 mph (10 km/h) can be removed.

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