GPS Track Editor Basics: Track parts

The most popular track format for GPS tracks is GPX (GPS eXchange Format) based on XML. It usually contains separate tracks divided into segments. The same structure is used in GPS Track Editor since GPX is its native format. To avoid confusion, the following terminology is used in the application:

Edge of the GPS track

Track edge is a line between two adjacent track points.

GPS track segment

Track segment represents a continuous span of track data.
A segment is usually broken when the GPS reception was lost, or the GPS receiver was turned off.

GPS track folder

Track folder combine several sequential track segments that are logically connected with each other. For example a folder can correspond to a trip or a one day's journey.

GPS track file

Track file consists of track folders and corresponds to a file.

Track can represent any of those elements. It designates a segment, a folder, or a file.

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