GPS Track Editor Basics: Track Display Modes

Tracks are displayed as solid lines in the Main View. Each track segment has its own color. The tracks selected in the Tracks list are displayed differently according to the selected options.

Track direction

Track edges can be displayed as arrows to better understand the track direction. This option is toggled by View | Arrows in the menu bar or by clicking the arrows icon on the toolbar.

GPS track direction

Value representation

You can choose a coloring mode for tracks to represent its local properties (use View |
Color by
in the menu).

Color by segments
Each track segment has its own color. To change the segment color, click the color box in the Tracks list and select a new one from a palette.

Track colored by segments

Color by average speed
Color by maximum speed

For both options a track edge color depends on speed. They differ on small scales only when a displayed edge actually represents several sequential track edges. The maximum speed means that the color represents the greatest speed among those edges. The average speed option calculates their mean value.

Track colored by average speed Track colored by maximum speed

Using the average speed looks more natural. It can help to understand the general behavior of the track.

The maximum speed can be used to detect singularities or extreme track points. This mode can help to clean the track up.

Color by elevation
The color depends on the average elevation of a track edge.

Track colored by elevation

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